Monthly Maintenance Contracts

Own a property in Queenstown, but either don’t live here permanently, or have an investment property? Let us manage the maintenance of your property for an easy, all inclusive monthly fee. We will custom design a maintenance schedule to suit your property, at a price you are happy with. You will not only enjoy piece of mind knowing that your property is taken care of by trusted, competent professionals, but that your assets value will be preserved for years to come.


We can trim any hedge to an manageable height and width by using our specialised hedge trimmers and chainsaws, to create a perfect screen or boundary. We can also trim your trees. Trees are great until they block your view, or endanger the house. If they have gone a bit wild, we can get them back into a manageable shape in no time, they should add appeal to your property, not distract from it.


We use professional grade waterblasters to clean your driveways, patios, houses and even apartments.


Often overlooked until they are spilling over, gutters can cause potential damage to houses unless checked regularly. With an affinity for heights, we love getting up ladders and getting our hands dirty. We will make sure your gutters are flowing and draining as they should be.

Section Clearing

Section a bit wild and overgrown? Perhaps you are thinking about selling and want to tidy it up? Let us get it under control for you. No section is too big, or too small. We offer very competitive prices.


We are approved Agrichemical users and qualified to spray any number of unwanted weeds that may be in your garden, section or lawn.